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Drag Grinding & Finishing Systems

Drag Grinding & Finishing Systems 



The concept of Drag Finishing goes back centuries, when farmers first started pulling their ploughs through their fields. Although the intention was not to polish the ploughs, the dragging through the abrasive soil did just that.

The Drag Finishing equipment drags the components through abrasive media & hence can process complex, difficult to machine & expensive components with very high efficiency.

The high power Drag Grinding process opens up new perspectives & allows automatic processing of high value components, which until now could only be treated manually to produce the desired finish.

Drag Grinding system uses a large bowl in which media moves in one direction and component moves in other direction, 20-30 times faster. The components are mounted on rotating fixtures. These fixtures, in turn are mounted on a rotating turret. This enables the component rotating about its own axis to be dragged through the media in a circular motion.

The machine is equipped with high energy drive, which makes the effectiveness of Drag Finishing system almost 40 times greater than conventional vibratory finishing machines.

The Drag Finishing process allows the processing of expensive, intricate & difficult to machine components, which otherwise could only be processed manually.

As the media moves at lesser speed, only those chips, which are in contact of the component, get worn out.



  Customised bowl
  No. of rotating spindles situated on a rotating plate for component holding
  High energy drive system
  Progressively adjustable spindles independent of rotor speed
  Adjustable spindle axis
  Integrated washing system
  PLC with operator guide for automation
  Spindles equipped with quick change holding devices for work holding
  Pneumatic release for fast loading I unloading of components.



  40 times faster than conventional vibratory finishing system
  Best suited for costly, intricate & difficult to finish components.
  Designed for aggressive deburring & finishing
  Frugal on media consumption.
  Can be used for localized finishing.