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Spiral Vibrators

Spiral Vibrators 




  Spiral shaped bowl increases efticiency.
  The curved wall of the bowl reduces part-to-part impingement & sticking of flat parts to the wall of the bowl.
  The spiral design of the bowl ensures 100% separation of the components & media at the end of the cycle, compared to about 80% separation in the conventional machine.
  Heavy-duty motor & springs ensure faster cutting & high intensity polishing.
  Components with low cycle time can be processed in single piece flow.
  For components with higher cycle time, just by removing the separating screen, the machine can be used as a conventional vibrator.



  100% separation of components & media.
  No mixing of parts with very low dimensional difterence.
  Can be used as a single piece flow machine & hence can be incorporated in a manufacturing cell.
  Suitable for finishng light weight & delicate components.


Spiral Vibrator works on me same principle as the bowl type vibratory finishing machine. The only difference is the design of the bowl, which in this case is curved like a spiral / helix. This design enables 100 % separation of components at the end of the cycle. The components are fed at the bottom of the spiral. The vibratory motion of the bowl pushes the media & components upward along the spiral. The separation screen at the end / top of the spiral, which can be controlled manually or pneumatically ensures 100% separation of finished components at the end of the cycle. The removal of this screen enables the machine to work as a standard bowl type vibrator.


Spiral Vibrators are suitable for flat, light weight & thin pressed components. The machine is ideal for piston rings, bearing cages, bimetal bushes, thin stampings, small gears, clamps, engine valves, etc.

A simple bowl type vibratory finishing machine is a well accepted equipment for mass finishing & deburring. The separation of components & media is done by screening system provided in the system.

For optimum separation in vibratory bowl type machines, the size difference needs to be 20% or above. Even then, one can only achieve 80 to 90% separation.

Spiral Vibrators are designed to overcome this limitation of the conventional bowl type machine. The ingenious design of the machine ensures 100% separation of components & media & can also be used as a single piece flow machine.