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Single Piece Flowthrough Systems

Single Piece Flowthrough Systems 



The machine consists of ‘U’ shaped trough made of alloy steel, media & component separator with built-in washing arrangement & media recovery system.

The components are fed manually or through an auto loader to the trough. The trough vibrator filled with media processes the component. At the other end of the trough, the finished components & media are separated. The media then is returned back to the trough through the media recovery system.

The specially designed trough in this case generates a spiral motion of the media & components, which pushes the component forward & finishes it at the same time.



  Continuous welded & stress relieved trough, made of thick alloy steel plates.
  Wear resistant hot cast polyurethane I rubber lining.
  Custom built trough to suit specific requirements.
  Media & components washing arrangement, with the media separator.
  Media reloading system.
  Noise suppression cover
  Dosing system for compounds
  Variable frequency drive
  PLC system for process control
  Automatic component loading I unloading arrangement



  Designed for cell type manufacturing concept.
  Consistency in finishing
  Reduces inventory cost
  Environmentally friendly process.
  Completely automatic
  Suitable for small, medium & large components


To suit the ever-increasing demands of modern manufacturing industry, the machines also had to undergo lots of changes. The Single Piece Flowthrough System is the outcome of these demands.

Today’s concept of lean manufacturing or cell type manufacturing requires continuous supply of finished parts of consistent quality. The Single Piece Flowthrough Systems with automation in loading / unloading of components, high energy finishing system, component washing arrangement, etc. are designed to do just that.