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An infinitely controllable cleaning process that will gently remove, in a single operation, oil, grease, surface oxides and protective paint from precision engineering components

and delicate structures without damaging substrates or polished surfaces.



  Environmentally acceptable - no dust is generated.
  Intrinsically safe - no static or explosion hazards.
  Uses inert materials - no toxic, volatile or chemically aggressive materials required.
  Gentle water buffer action between surface and process media prevents peening of components.
  Will highlight cracks in metal components.
  Stripping, de-greasing and cleaning carried out concurrently. No pre-washing required.
  Very fine plastic media can be used on thin metal sections, which minimizes distortion.


Application Areas

  Paint and grease removal from aircraft components and structures.
  Paint removal from composite materials.
  Removal of debris and discolourization from precision moulds and dies.
  De-greasing and carbon removal from auto and diesel engine parts.
  Ink removal from printing rollers and stamps.
  De-flashing of plastic encapsulated electronic components.
  Protective coating removal from hardened printed circuits.


Circuit Diagram

The basic elements of the system consist of a sump containing water and the process media - plastic grit (amino thermoset resin) or micro powder (aluminium oxide).

Plastic grit is mainly used when treating metal components; micro-powder for composites. The media, together with an oxide inhibitor and degreasing agent,

is circulated by a vortex pump to a process nozzle, from which it is discharges, and the water vaporized by compressed air at pressures of between 10 & 75 p.s.i.

After use, the mixture gravitates back to the sump, where the media is washed and the broken-down particles and debris are removed by a combination of cyclone, elutriation and magnetic separators.

Processing is carried out in recirculatory dedicated enclosures from small hand/automatic cabinets to large walk-in booths with robotic nozzle manipulation.