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Water Wave

Water Wave 



High Performance

  The "Waterwave" name and system are covered by Worldwide Patents. Waterwave utilizes theVapormatt Liquid Abrasive Recirculatory Blasting Process which can operate with all abrasive types including: round and angular, aluminium oxide, glass, ceramic, plastic, and stainless steel medias.
  Advanced vortex abrasive pump and abrasive pump and abrasive collection trough prevents blocking even after prolonged shutdown.
  Liquid abrasive mixture can be fed directly to the hand manipulated "Mirus" blast gun at an abrasive to water concentration of between 10 to 30 per cent, or alternatively to a pressure generator where the abrasive and discharge velocity are further increased, giving ultimate blasting performance (optional).


Customer Support

  Vapormatt realize that any machine we manufacture is only as good as the after-sales service we give. To this end, we have Dedicated Service Centres. Each is staffed by Vapormatt Engineers who carry regular spares and can be contacted by mobile phone on a 24 hour basis.



  Abrasive from any size of work area can be recovered.
  The Waterwave can be mounted on a flat and level floor, maximum work area height 470mm (18.5").
  Workshop space is valuable - Waterwaves can be positioned outside.
  Waterwaves can be installed into existing rooms and cleaning facilities.
  Will take any weight on track and trolley system. Direct floor mounted rails are provided between Waterwave channels.
  Can be supplied with recovery floor and blast system only.
  Protective side curtains are an option.
  Waterwave can be built into container sized enclosures and be operational within hours of delivery.
  Flexibility - Waterwave can be re-positioned in the Workshop due to little or no foundations.
  Increased production - most Waterwaves are suitable for 2 man operation.


Easy Maintenance

  Sweeper blades individually replaceable.
  Snap 'together' slurry pipe work manufactured from urethane.
  Abrasive pumps can be removed without draining down system.
  Blast guns have easily replaceable nozzles and air jets.
  Service intervals indicated by hours-run meter.
  A step-by-step service and fault finding manual supplied with machine.


Rugged Construction

  Rigid regular steel box section chassis, shot blasted and epoxy painted, fitted with stainless steel abrasive collection trough and stainless steel Waterwave sweeper channels. Personnel or heavy duty work grids in galvanized steel.


Blast Gun

  Mirus blast gun is technically advanced, made from solid abrasive resistant urethane, fitted with replaceable air jets and boron carbide blast nozzles. When fitted, the pressure generator blast nozzle has a solid urethane adapter and a venturi boron carbide nozzle.
  Boron carbide and urethane far exceed the life expectancy of such materials as tungsten carbide and natural rubber.



  The equipment is delivered to your site in series of modules. Vapormatt trained engineers will assemble modules, check that the external services are installed correctly. Full operational checks will be carried out to ensure maximum performance.
  Training on processing techniques and maintenance procedures is normally carried out at this time.
  Maintenance contracts are available to suit customer needs.



  Blast guns and nozzles are fitted with deadman control.
  Operator clothing is waterproof and protective headgear is fitted with a carbon filter clean air breathing supply.
  Machine is built to conform to the CE regulations.
  An emergency stop pull cord runs the full length of the Waterwave.


Economical Running

  Highly efficient vortex abrasive pumps use 50 per cent less power than conventional volute units. The pumping elements are made from solid abrasive resistant urethane, giving exceptional life.


Technical Specification

  Construction :
Rigid regular steel chassis, 100mm x 100mm (4.0" x 4.0") box section, shot blasted and epoxy painted, colour RAL 7005 Grey, fitted with a stainless steel abrasive collection trough and Waterwave sweeper channels.
  Dimensions :
Base unit made up of one 0.7m x 1.5m (27.5" x 59.0") abrasive collection trough and one 1.5m x 2.5m (59.0" x 98.5") sweeper channel - see build up plan.
  Work surface :
Movable open mesh galvanized steel gridding work load rating to suit application.
  Abrasive Pumps :
Vapormatt vortex pumps of glandless design and solid urethane construction, direct driven via 4kw, 3 phase, 2 pole, electric motors rated to IP44 with overload protection.
  Rinsing :
A rinse gun with adjustable spray pattern using filtered recirculated water is provided.
  Gearboxes :
Heavy duty with 50mm output shaft and driven via 3 phase 0.75kw electric motors. Crank arm links gearbox and sweeper frames. One unit is provided per 0.7m x 2.9m abrasive collection trough.
  Blast Gun :
A heavy duty "Mirus" hand operated gun is provided, it is made from solid urethane and fitted with a replaceable boron carbide nozzle, plus abrasive and air hoses. It has deadman control.
  Controls :
The operation of the recovery floor and all other machine functions are triggered from the blast gun.
  Protective Clothing :
Waterproof coat and trousers, Wellington boots with protective toe caps. Enclosed blast helmet with shoulder apron. Clean air breathing supply.
  Water Conditioning :
An automatic detergent/bacteriacide dosing unit is provided.


Optional Equipment

  Protective side curtains and manual swing doors.
  Trolley, or turntable and trolley unit, capacity to suit application.
  Heavy duty floor support beams and rails.
  Abrasive - water filtration units with recirculated rinse water package, to give closed loop operation.
  Complete Waterwave enclosures with lighting and ventilation package.
  Pressure generator to give enhanced blasting performance.
  Component blow-off nozzle - compressed air driven.


Services Required

  Electricity :
380v or 415v, 50 or 60Hz, 20amp to 40amp supply - dependent on size of Waterwave, 3 phase and neutral.
  Compressed Air :
7 bar (100 P.S.I.), 3.3m3/min (120 C.F.M.) per Mirus gun. Machine has 37.5mm (1½" B.S.P.) connection. An extra 2.2m3/min (80 C.F.M.) is required if the pressure generator option is included.
  Water Supply :
2-4 bar (30-90 P.S.I.), 12.5mm (½" B.S.P.) connection.
  Drain :
Floor level with grit trap 40 litres (10 gallons) per minute intermittent.
  Ventilation :
To suit size and type of installation.