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Safe Spray 3

Safe Spray 3 



The “V Clean RTU” degreasers ensure a high performance cleaning / degreasing effect. Safespray 3 is a totally integrated system where machine and chemical work in perfect harmony to provide outstanding performance over a wide range of applications. Heavy duty soilings including difficult carbonized deposits are removed quickly and efficiently using “V Clean RTU” via the turbo pressure nozzle within the controlled environment of the Safespray 3 cabinet. The Safespray 3 is fully compliant with the latest (1998) regulations with respect to spray application. Unacceptable operator exposure to vapours, flammability and explosion risks are all eliminated.


  Environment and operator friendly cleaning / degreasing system.
  No protective clothing required.
  Simple & easy to use safely.



  Produces a clean finish on components of up to 25kg, including :
  - Bearing assemblies
  - Cylinder heads, carburetors, wheels, gearboxes, propellers, nuts & bolts.
  - Plastics and painted surfaces.
  - Electrical connectors & PCB's.
  - Metal castings.
  - Machines & turned components.


Operator Comfort

  Trigger operated blast gun, light and easy to use.
  Safespray 3 can be adjusted for standing or sitting position, depending on the nature of work to be carried out.
  High intensity cabinet lighting.
  Large viewing window for good visibility.
  Space saving lift up door.


Economical Operation

  "V Clean RTU" has a high capacity for soil loading and continues to degrease in primary cleaning conditions for a considerable time. The Safespray 3 design allows for sludge deposits to collect within the waste drum, prolonging the liquid life. In-line cartridge filter removes solid material before passing through the nozzle. The air operated design has low wear potential and preludes expensive overall and service costs. The Safespray 3 unit can be easily maintained as a routine process.



  Mist and vapour are contained within the Safespray 3 cabinet and are exhausted through a condenser before the enclosure can be opened, thus removing the need for the operator to wear breathing or splash protection.
  Low noise level 70dBA.
  Equipment is CE marked.


Technical Specification

  Cabinet Construction :
4-6 mm thick conductive plastic.
  Installed Dimensions :
700mm x 1,285mm x 1,710mm high (2,280mm high with window open).
  Internal Dimensions :
Generally 940mm x 680mm x 580mm.
  Window / Access Door :
900m x 600mm
  Electrical Supply :
220/240 volts, 50/60 Hz 3 amp, 1 phase AC. To be protected by residual current device (RCD or Earth Trip).
  Air Supply :
Connection ¼" Compare PT fitting.
Maximum pressure 7 bar (100 psi).
Minimum pressure 2 bar (30 psi).
Flow 0.28 - 0.57 m3/min. (10 - 20 cfm).
  Work Surface Maximum Load :
25 kgs.
  Degreaser Type :
"V Clean RTU"
Drum size; 25L.
  Vapour Condenser :
Air operated, Vapormatt design.
  Machine Weight :
95 kgs.
  Packed Size And Weight :
1.07m x 0.74m x 1.22m high, 110 kgs.
  Noise Level :
Less than 70dBA(A) at operator position - when using spray nozzle, blow nozzle, or during fume extraction.
  Machine Class :
The machine is classed at Type B, according to PtEN12921.