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Vapormate 1217

Vapormate 1217 



High Performance

  Operates with all medias including aluminium oxide, silicone carbide, ceramic shot, stainless steel shot, novoculite, glass beads and plastic media.
  Operates to specific media concentrations -range 10% to 50%.
  Advanced pump/sump design prevents blocking even after prolonged shutdown.
  Also maintains consistent and efficient processing.
  Operates with a range of detergents and corrosion inhibitors.


Operator Comfort

  Wide viewing window and 4 glove ports, maximizes working area.
  Process gun light and easy to use, with hands-free facility.
  Knee switches control process functions.
  Combines window and light unit with auto wash for excellent visibility.
  Low working height allows easy loading.
  Padded armholes reduce operator fatigue.
  Trolley unit and exterior load area for mechanized loading of heavy components (optional).
  Immersion heater improves degreasing capabilities and gives pleasant cold weather operation (optional).
  Swing door with drain flap - minimizes drips.


Easy Maintenance

  Long life urethane pump speedily removed without draining sump.
  Blast gun with replaceable boron carbide nozzle.
  Gloves fitted from the outside, replaced in seconds.
  Viewing and lighting window easily replaced.
  Service intervals indicated by hours-run meter.
  Light unit accessible from outside.
  Optional range of easy clean debris removal systems.


Economical Running

  Highly efficient pump.
  Technically advanced gun consumes only 40cfm
(1.2m3/min) of air at 80psi (5.5 bar).
  Patented waste water overflow reduces abrasive usage.
  Long life urethane components


Rugged Construction

  Rigid exterior steel chassis (100mm x 100mm box section), with inset GRP panels.
  GRP non-corrosive, deadens noise
  Bonded lining minimizes grit traps (optional).



  Pressurized abrasive pipes inside cabinet prevent spillage if hoses leak.
  Double glazed safety glass window.
  Door safety interlock.
  Sliding doors (optional) provided with auto locking latch.
  Low noise level. Standard construction 80dBA (optional acoustic silencing kit for 78dBA and 75dBA).


Technical Specification

  Construction :
Rigid steel chassis (100mm x 100mm), with GRP composite panels and internal replaceable rubber curtains. External colour generally RAL 7032 (light grey).
  Internal Dimensions :
Generally 1,150mm x 1,600mm x 1,300mm height above worktable.
  Door :
Swing door with replaceable combined rubber lining/drain channel and solid state electrical safety interlock - hinges mounted on steel chassis.
  Work Surface :
Fixed, perforated grid with bonded polyurethane coating. 300kg UDL.
  Window :
1,160mm x 310mm double glazed and with auto wash/wipe.
  Glove Ports :
4 off, fitted with cushions and arm length gloves (replaceable from outside).
  Rinsing :
Internal, mains fed, trigger operated rinse gun.
  Pump :
35mm high efficiency, high volume, vortex pump - solid urethane, glandless construction.
  Pump Motor :
4kw 3 phase, 2 pole IP44 DOL starting with overload protection.
  Blast Gun :
Lightweight urethane body, recessed air jet, and boron carbide nozzle.
  Sump Capacity :
Water = 100 l, media = 30kg. Sump fitted with drain valve.
  Controls :
Single integrated on/off control, simultaneously operates pump, compressed air, window wiper & screen wash. Adjustable air pressure regulator and gauge.
  Electrical Equipment :
To IEE, VDE, or En 60204-1 standards - according to market. Fluorescent light unit. 24v Window wiper. Door interlock. Hours-run meter. 24v DC control circuits. Solenoid valves for air and water supplies. Main enclosure (IP55) with hinged lid and isolator.


Optional Equipment

  Bonded polyurethane lining.
  Automatic vertical sliding doors, (space saving and zero drips).
  2nd swing door.
  600mm extension blister in place of side panel.
  500mm blister swing door.
  Trolley units and load ends - single unit for exterior loading by hoist and easy rinsing - twin units to allow simultaneous processing and loading for higher productivity.
  Turntable 850mm UDL 750kg with bonded polyurethane coating.
  Hydrocyclone for easy abrasive changeover.
  Filtration/debris removal systems - Type "S" sedimentation or "MB" paper filters (hand or automatic operation).
  Diaphragm rinse water recirculation pumps - (light and heavy duty options). Plus pressure filter for complete closed loop operation.
  Automatic detergent/corrosion inhibitor closing system.
  Automatic media closing system.
  On-line media concentration checking sight glass.
  Water heater for greasy applications.
  Sump drain valve above grit level for partial draindown of contaminated water, after processing.
  Blast performance enhancing system for plastic media.
  Compressed air powered, component dry off nozzle.
  Front mounted hours-run meter.
  Front mounted air pressure regulator and gauge.
  Conversion of internal fittings to totally non-corrosive materials.
  Acoustic silencing kits to 78dBA or 75dBA.
  Hand barrel unit for batch processing of small components.


Services Required

  Electricity :
380v or 415v, 50Hz, 20amp, 3 phase and neutral.
  Air Supply :
7 bar (100psi), 1.14m³/min (40cfm) per gun. Single gun machine 12.5mm (1/2" BSP/NPT) connection.
  Water Supply :
2-6 bar (30-90psi), 12.5mm (1/2" BSP) connection.
  Drain :
Floor level with grit trap 40 litres/min intermittent.
  Vent :
200mm duct to external atmosphere.