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Floor Skimmer Conveyor

Floor Skimmer Conveyor 



 Modular Design, Sandwich Panel Kit

Standard dimensions – width 600, 900, 1200, 1500 and 1800mm                                                                                             

Standard capacity – 400kg/dm2, 1200kg/dm2, 4000kg/dm2


Electric drive

  Drag conveyor operation is provided by electrical motor with power rating from  0.75 kW to 2.2 kW.
    Installed power is calculated to accommodate the power needed to operate the desired width and length of the conveyor. The main advantage is high abrasive transfer ratio.


Pneumatic drive    

  is built into the base frame and does not require its own dedicated foundation pit. The advantage is the adjustability of the feed speed, favorable economy of operation and ease of maintenance.


Collection Trough

  Steel Trough with stiffening ribs limiting the danger of floor bowing
  Ribs also serve as visual indicator of proper Conveyor operation
  Skimmers with height setting – thin Layer of Abrasive remains at the bottom of the Trough to limit friction wear
  Connection to Bucket Elevator Spout via Adapter at the same height
  New Support Rollers - model RX – with extreme wear resistant lagging
  New Design of flexible Indexing Frames attachment
  Wiper bars of Cross-over Conveyor perfectly take the Abrasive from the longitudinal Skimmer Conveyor Tines and change the Abrasive transfer direction


Dispersion Grating

  The Floor Dispersion Grates contain the Drive Units. They can be supplied as electric, pneumatic or hydraulic
  Cover Grating is 40mm high with Loading Capacity up to 4000kg/dm2
  Filter Screen protects Skimmer Tines from interference of larger objects, improves System safety, lowers the Dust agitation below the Grates and reduces abrasion or damage of the Skimmers
  „V“ shape Grate support channels distribute the Floor load and re-direct abrasive into the Conveyor Trough


Conveyor Drive

  Placed within active Workplace floor plan envelope, no other modifications outside the Blast Room are needed
  Placed above the Collection Trough, out of contact with the Abrasive to minimize wear
  Ability to program Operating Parameters for each Drive – Approximately 40% savings in Energy Consumption!!!
  Freedom of placement and number of Drives along the Conveyor length
  Variability of Drive selection – electric, pneumatic or hydraulic option
  No additional expense for connection of the Floor Conveyor with the Bucket Elevator


Bucket Elevator

  Installed height from 2,2m
  Monoblock Casing with Boot Pulley
  Advanced design of the Discharge Spout – minimal loss of efficiency due to Abrasive fall-through
  Removable covers of the Conveyor Head and Inspection ports – ease of service access to all components
  Split Pulley Shaft – Easey Maintenance and Repair


Integral Separator and Silo

  Direct connection to the Dual Bucket Elevator
  Dust free connection to the Blast System and Refuse Containers
  Overhead space saving, ease of access for Setup and Service       



  Used Abrasive is processed into four fractions
  Improved Abrasive metering with continual fill
  Adjustable weight loaded Metering Gate
  Improved geometry of the coarse refuse Vibratory Screen with regulation
  Dust Collection exhaust duct fitted with Blast Gate
  Adjustment Elements accessible from the Floor Level, i.e. without Ladders and Platforms
  Service and Adjustment ports on both sides

Storage Hopper

  High quality and reliable Abrasive gate
  Capability of optional Abrasive Level Sensors fitment with visual Control Panel Feedback
  Optional Surge Hopper eliminates Abrasive Level fluctuation and lowers physical effort for its refill
  Overflow feature ensures re-directing of extra Abrasive into the Surge Bin
  Dust free connection to the Blast System
  New Abrasive regulation discharge valve