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Blast Rooms

Blast Rooms 



Blast Cleaning Room or Chamber is always designed to specific customer requirements.

The structure of the Room can be either masonry type or steel frame, both with sandwich panel cladding. The value of Sound Transmission Loss is determined by the used materials, but always with a minimum of 25 dB.

The dimensions are determined by the size of the largest anticipated product. Application proposals vary in number and type of shot blast units, by the type of abrasive collection, and by the style of air filtration and make-up.

The best technologies are capable of ideal abrasive reclamation and excellent filtration of exhaust air while both saving energy, especially during the winter heating season, and keeping compact dimensions for floor space requirements.


Protective Construction of Walls and Ceilings

Special synthetic (Stamoid®, Bisonyl®) made-to-size sheets are used for anti-abrasion protection of the interior walls. Sheets are hung on steel wire ropes which ensures easy maintenance and replacement.

The flat underside of the ceiling is fitted with min. 4 mm thick adhesive rubber templates.



Interior workplaces are illuminated by industrial grade fluorescent or halide light fixtures.                                        

Special cover (polycarbonate, tempered glass) reduces the effects of aggressive abrasive  

environment. Protection class min. IP6x ensures dust resistance.


Doors and Gates

Gates are used for product load and unload.


Types of gates used:

  two-leaf out-swing
  sliding folding


Dimensions of the gate are determined after evaluation.

Room door is used for personnel ingress and egress.

By default, we use single leaf, 800mm wide door.