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Vapormate 3

Vapormate 3 



Main Features

  Versatile performance; will accept a wide range of abrasive media.
  Safety; toughened safety glass viewing window with safety interlock.
  Optional heater provides superior performance when using de-greasing additives.
  Low power and air consumption.
  Single footswitch operation.
  Optional re-circulated rinse package enables machine to be used without a connection to drain.


Blasts & Degreases

Produces a matt or satin finish on components of up to 25kgs, including :

  Cylinder heads, wheels, gearbox components, pump components, bolts and brackets.
  Plastic, rubber and foods moulds.
  Electrical connectors and PCB's.
  Metal castings.
  Machined components.
  Decorative brass and copper work.
  Investment cast gold and silver jewellery.


Technical Specification


  Cabinet Construction :
Two tone, light grey outer / white inner, 8mm - 10mm thick polyethylene.
  Internal Dimensions :
Generally 950mm x 700mm x 600mm.
  Work Surface :
Square perforated stainless steel grid, maximum load : 25 kgs.
  Sump drain valve.
  Rinsing :
Internal, mains water rinse gun.
  Sump Capacity :
35 litres of water, plus 5 kgs of abrasive.
  Pump Unit :
20mm urethane high efficiency glandless abrasive pump, direct driven by 1.1kw electric motor.
  Blast Gun - 30 cfm standard fitment :
Lightweight, high efficiency design with replaceable blast nozzle and air jet.
  Door / Window Unit :
Toughened safety glass with water wash / wipe and gas strut support.
  Filtration :
Moving bed paper filter for debris / oil removal.
  Machine Controls :
Foot operated switches for blast gun and window wash operation.


Optional Equipment

  Low Power Blast Gun - 10 cfm or 20 cfm.
  Immersion Heater.
  Air Blow-Off Nozzle.
  Right hand side mounted access door.
  Re-Circulated Rinse Package.
  Mini-barrel system.
  Gun holding bracket.


Services Required

  Electricity :
220 / 240 volts, single phase, 50 Hz, 16 amp supply.

Air Supply :
- ½" connection.
- 5 bar (75 psi), 10 cfm blast gun.
- 5 bar (75 psi), 20 cfm blast gun.
- 5 bar (75 psi), 30 cfm blast gun
(standard fitment).

  Water Supply :
½" bsp connection.