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Versatile Performance

  Accepts a wide range of abrasive media including:
aluminium oxide, glass beads, silicone carbide, ceramic and plastic abrasive. (advice on media applications available from your supplier).
  The specially designed Vapormatt abrasive pump prevents blocking, even after prolonged shutdown.
  Detergents and corrosion inhibitors can be added to sump water to enhance the process.


Economical Operation

  Abrasive pump requires only 0.5kw electrical power.
  High efficiency blast gun operates at 75psi from single phase compressor.
  High density polyethylene cabinet construction prevents corrosion.



  All abrasive pipes contained inside cabinet.
  Toughened glass, window / door unit with safety interlock.
  Low noise level 80 dBA.


Operator Comfort

  Blast gun light and easy to use.
  Foot switches control all process functions.
  High intensity cabinet lighting.
  Optional water heater improves degreasing and gives pleasant cold weather operation.
  Large viewing window with water wash for good visibility.
  Space saving lift up door.


Blasts & Degrease

Produces a matt or satin polished finish on components of up to 25kg including:

  Cylinder heads, carburetors, wheels, gearboxes, propellers, nuts & bolts.
  Plastic, rubber & food moulds.
  Electrical connectors & PCB's.
  Metal castings.
  Machined & turned components.
  Decorative brass & copper work.
  Gold & silver jewellery.


Technical Specification

  Cabinet Construction :
Light grey, 4-6mm thick Polyethylene.
  Internal Dimensions :
Generally 700mm x 700mm x 600mm maximum height.
  Work Surface :
Perforated stainless steel. Max. load 25kgs.
Internal, mains water rinse gun.
  Door/Window Unit :
Toughened safety glass with water wash.
  Pump Unit :
20mm urethane lined high efficiency glandless abrasive pump, direct driven by 0.5kw electric motor.
  Blast Gun :
Lightweight, high efficiency design with replaceable blast nozzle.
  Sump Capacity :
25 ltrs of water plus 4kg of abrasive.
  Filtration :
Moving bed paper filter for debris/oil removal.
  Filtration :
Moving bed paper filter for debris/oil removal.
  Electrical Equipment :
  -  Fluorescent light unit.
  -  Latching electro pneumatic foot switch operates pump and compressed air supplies simultaneously.
  -  Electrical interlock on window/door unit.
  -  Single phase pump motor.
  -  Optional sump water immersion heater.
  -  Max. loading 13 amp including heater.
  -  Electrical installation to EN 60204-1.


Optional Equipment

  Sump water heater.
  Hi-power blast gun.
  Sump drain valve.
  Recirculated rinse water systems. Foot or pneumatic pump operation. (No drain connection required with these options).
  Secondary cartridge filter for recirculatory rinse system.
  Motorised barrel units for batch processing of small components, eg. Nuts, bolts, castings and mouldings.
  Note: Optional items are supplied separately for assembly on installation.


Services Required

  Electrical Supply :
13A (at 240v) single phase, voltage and frequency to suit market.
  Air Supply :
Via ½" hose connection.
5 bar (75psi), 0.28m3/min 10cfm standard gun.
5 bar (75psi), 0.57m3/min 20cfm hi-power gun.
  Water Supply :
Via ½" hose connection.
  Drain :
Floor level with grit trap.