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MISTRAL 501 Wet & Dry

MISTRAL 501 Wet & Dry 

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Wet & dry Industrial vacuum

  The vacuum cleaners MISTRAL 501 is powered by a by-pass motor, carbon brush type, providing a rapid cooling of the motor in case of overheating. The motors are installed inside a sturdy plastic case; special noise buffers reduce the noise within the safety standards of work. The suction inlet can be used with hoses ranging from 50 to 32 mm.
  The filter is a polyester star filter, providing a filtration of 3 micron efficiency (cat. L),
  The wet kit is made up by a floating device, protecting the motor against damage from liquids, foam and solid objects.
  A 50 lt. container enables to dispose easily of the sucked up liquid, which can be discharged by a flexible discharge hose.
  The frame is made of epoxidic painted steel and mounted on four wheels, two of them rotating and one with brake.
  A complete wet & dry accessory kit (Ø38 mm.) is included
OPTIONAL: stainless steel AISI304 construction