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Plastic Media  (Mesh)



Plastic media is a fast, environmentally acceptable and cost effective alternative to traditional chemical and hand stripping. Unlike chemical strippers, plastic media is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-polluting and the process is now accepted as the optimum method of surface preparation for a wide variety of materials and components.

Among the many benefits of In-spec media are its low breakdown rate, low dust and accuracy of granulometry which ensures exact particle size control and distribution.

Additionally, each batch is tested for surface hardness to ensure that its cutting performance meets tolerance standards. It can be used in wet and dry airblast equipment at pressures of 15 – 40 psi (1-3 bar).

Each type is available in all standard sizes from 12/20 to 40/60 mesh with special grades on request. Media produced to US Military specifications is also available.


In-spec is in a unique position – The company does not reply solely on a finite supply of reject materials for its media; within the same site the Group has

the world’s largest moulding materials manufacturing plant, and In-spec Plastic Media is able to draw on this as necessary, guaranteeing a continuous feedstock supply chain.

In-spec have many years experience in the properties and use of plastic materials and are always happy to help with technical advise or practical assistance.



Type II - Coarse Grade -UREA Media, 3.5 Moh (54-62 Barcol

Slightly more aggressive than type V, this media is particularly suitable for general surface preparation work such as mould cleaning, removing carbon deposits from engines, paint and other coatings removals, without any distortion or damage to the relevant substrates.


Type III - Medium Grade - MELAMINE Media, 4 Moh (64-72 Barcol)

Our most aggressive grade, and as such, perfect in electronic applications, for printed circuit board cleaning, and in industrial applications for de-flashing, de-burring and de-junking.


Type V - Fine Grade -ACRYLIC Media, 3.2-3.5 Moh (46-51 Barcol)

Our softest grade, ideal for dry stripping delicate or thin sheet composites and exotic materials without damage or distortion. Used Extensively in the aerospace industry for paint removal on fuselages and for cleaning structural components prior to inspection.



Grade 16 ~ 20 20 ~ 30 20 ~ 40 30 ~ 40 40 ~ 60 60 ~ 80
Micron 850 ~ 1,180 600 ~ 850 425 ~ 850 425 ~ 600 250 ~ 425 180 ~ 250