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Garnet  (Mesh)



Garnet is a group of diverse set of Orthosilicate minerals with similar chemical composition which include Almandite, Pyrope, Spessartite, Grossular, Demantoid and Uvarovite. The hardest type of Garnet is the Almandite variety and therefore, it makes the best abrasives. Garnet is a natural mineral and not a by-product of a chemical process. It is inert and non-toxic and virtually free of silica, thus excluding any danger whatsoever of silicosis hazard. Garnet has a very low dust emission. This makes it safe for the operator, does not pollute the atmosphere and causes minimal disturbance in the vicinity and adjoining areas. In consequences the use of natural garnet as an abrasives has won a worldwide approval among occupational health authorities. Garnet being a natural mineral and totally inert, it will not be attached or leached by water. Slag grit abrasives, now widely used is a waste product of copper, platinum or coal. The leaching of heavy metals contained in these waste slag has lead to the strict control on their disposal in many parts of the world. As a result Garnet being an environment friendly material, it is now gaining favour with many environment protection authorities.


Physical Properties

Mineral Garnet
Type Almendite
Colour Deep Red, Reddish Brown
Odour Odourless
Appearance Fee-flowing Grit
Hardness 8 (MOH’s Scale)
Specific Gravity 4.1 g/cm³
Average Bulk 2.4 g/m³
Solubility in Water Insoluble
Melting Point Minimum 1315°C


Chemical Composition

Al2O3 21.0 %
Fe2O2 31.0 %
SiO2 35.0 %
MgO 8.0 %
CaO 1.5 %
TiO2 1.0 %
P2O5 0.05 %
MnO 0.5 %
Others Traces
Chloride Content Less than 50 ppm
Soluble Salts Less than 100 ppm
PH of Aqueous Medium 6.93
Gypsum Content Nil
Moisture Content Less than 0.5 %
Carbonate Content Traces
Loss on Ignition Nil
Metal Content Traces

(Specifically Free Iron/Copper & Other Heavy Metals)


Mineralogical Composition

Non Magnetic 2.0 to 1.0 %
Limenite 1.0 to 2.0 %
Garnet 97.0 %



Grade 16 ~ 30 20 ~ 40 30 ~ 60 80 120
Micron 600 ~ 1,180 425 ~ 850 250 ~ 600 170 125

Other sizes available on request.


Uses and others application

Almandite Garnet is primarily used as blasting grit; also for metal polishing, in the manufacture of micro abrasives, for water jet cutting process and as water filtering media.